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Art Atrium is about exceptional art.

We have a special focus on cross cultural collaboration in art as a reflection of our multicultural society in a globalised world

We are an art gallery committed to artists with promise and potential.

Specialising in contemporary Australian, Asian and Aboriginal art, we see ourselves as an integral link between artists and the public.

We want to share our passion for, and appreciation of art by helping our clients acquire art that is visually stimulating and spiritually enlightening.

We want to assist our clients in the exciting journey of learning more about various forms of artistic expression through talks and forums by artists and art scholars.

We can help our clients build an art portfolio that will be spiritually uplifting as well as financially rewarding as an investment in the years to come.

While our clients include both seasoned art enthusiasts as well as new collectors, we believe our role is the same regardless.

At Art Atrium, we source and exhibit Aboriginal art from a broad range of Aboriginal community art centres around Australia.

We believe in maintaining high standard of ethics and integrity in our dealing with both the artists as well as the public.

We are strong advocates for cross-cultural collaboration.

We represent some of the most exciting faces in the new wave of artists who transcend the traditional boundaries of East and West.

Art Atrium showcases renowned Chinese Australian artists such as Shen Shaomin, Laurens Tan, Wang Lan, Pei Pei He, Cindy Chen, Wang Xu, Hu Ming, Huang He, Yang Xifa, Huihai Xie, Kent Chuang, Alex Ma, Nancy Ma, Tianli Zu, Douglas Cham, Li Baoying, Fangmin Wu and Roslyn Yeung as well as internationally acclaimed Japanese artist, Taro Yamomoto and Australian Thai artist Kaye Mahoney, award winning Vietnamese artists Khue Nguyen and Garry Trinh and Korean artist Yiwon Park. We also represent Australian artists inspired by Asian culture including Max Miller, Patrick Shirvington, Brett Bailey, Keith Lane, Susan Collis, Michael Downs, Tony Curran and Liz Deep-Jones.

These are artists who have created a new form of expression, who have captured the journey and transition from culture to culture and sought to reconcile conflicting notions of self and identity.

We support and organise exhibitions from various Aboriginal community art centres including Maningrida Arts & Culture from Maningrida, Warlukurlangu Artists from Yuendumu, Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative of NSW and Lockhart River Art from North Queensland. Yuanyang,an exhibition curated by Djon Mundine and Imogen Yang at Art Atrium in 2013 which reflects our focus on cross cultural expression in art, featured the contemporary artwork of three renowned Aboriginal artists with Chinese heritage, Vernon Ah Kee, Sandra Hill and Jason Wing.

Ultimately, the type of art we exhibit and the artists we represent, all comes down to our philosophy.

We believe that art is not only a reflection of modern life today but an expression of future possibilities.

In each of our exhibitions, we consistently strive to create new ways of seeing.

Art is the window to social dialogue and we welcome it.

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